RNSH Vanderfield House – Heritage HVAC

Design and construction of new HVAC plant for Vanderfield House at RNSH

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Hyatt Regency Sydney – Outside Air Ventilation System Upgrade

Outside air ventilation system upgrade of existing chilled water/ hot waters coils and ventilation fans of pre-conditioner AHU’s..

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Museum of Sydney – Critical Ventilation Project

Upgrade of Critical Ventilation Plant for the highly sensitive infrastructure project to preserve and protect exhibitions and artifacts within the gallery.

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Kinghorn Cancer Centre – Microscope Critical Conditions Project

Design and construction of mechanical services and controls package for essential control of ambient conditions in the new microscope department

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Garvan Institute of Medical Research – Chiller / AHU Upgrade

Upgrade of base building Chiller with an oil-free centrifugal high efficiency Chiller

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101 Miller St – AHU EC Fan Upgrade

Sustainability upgrade of base building Air Handling Units from forward curve belt driven fans to high efficiency EC Fans on a 35 story commercial high rise building

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11 Talavera Rd – Chiller Upgrade Project

Upgrade of base building reciprocated Chillers with 6 x 1000kW Air Cooled VSD Chillers

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2 Military Rd – Office HVAC Project

Design and construction of 1000kW Air Cooled Package Unit Plant

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Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute

Sustainability upgrade of base building Cooling Towers from original fibre glass Cooling Towers to high efficiency induced draft stainless steel Cooling Towers.

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